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ARTplacc – 2015 – Art is present

What is ARTplacc?

It is an event like no other. Held in a continuously expanding art park by the ferry port of Tihany, it is a five-day garden party of contemporary art at one of the most picturesque locations of Lake Balaton. Our festival has a lot to offer; with some of the leading Hungarian institutions, artists and performers of contemporary art finally brought together, you can expect great things to happen here. Get ready fine art, design, films, theatre, music, literature and gastronomy. Relax in a chilled setting with lanterns and hammocks around and enjoy the food and drinks of Balaton in a picnic environment during daytime, and tune up for DJs and parties under the trees on the sandy beach after sunset.

Why and for whom?

We aim to establish a site with the purpose of introducing art and design and creating contemporary cultural linkages around Lake Balaton. We also strive to deepen the relationships between creative artists from all around the country. Our festival is not only one of the most significant national events of contemporary art but also a giant garden party where representatives and experts of different types of art can commingle freely with the audience of culture. It is an excellent opportunity for visitors seeking something new and exciting to meet progressive artists, performers and art groups.

Our festival is primarily targeted to consumers of culture, the patriots of Lake Balaton and those who wish to leave the hustles of cities but would still like to enjoy the richness of urban culture. If you are interested in the progress in contemporary art, design, literature and music or would like to meet renowned artists and discover emerging talents, there is no better festival you could attend.

What else can you expect?

Apart from the above listed branches of contemporary art, our five-day event also involves workshops, talks and interactive activities, including separate ones organised specifically for young children. Professional talks, children’s theatre shows and family programmes are held in the afternoons, gradually replaced by other forms of entertainment later. Theatre plays and cinema are shown every evening with warm-up DJ sets at sunset, followed by live music and DJs again afterwards.

Some of the most renowned modern art institutions of the country, including the Moholy-Nagy University of Art, the Ludwig Museum, the Robert Capa Contemporary Centre of Photography, the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, the University of Kaposvár, the Eszterházy Károly College of Eger and, for the first time, the Design Terminal all contribute to our festival with a wide range of fascinating projects.

Artists and performers

Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the hundreds of this year’s amazing performers, artists and exhibitors of ARTplacc.

fine artists: Máté Bartha, EJTech (Esteban de la Torre, Judit Eszter Kárpáti), Viktória Hitka, Csilla Klenyánszki, Gergő Kovách, Nemmivoltunk Crew, No Signal Blue, Barna Péli, Péter Puklus, Sec.Co & Fresh K.O., Éva Szombat

designers: ab concrete, Anna Amélie, Balcsi Original & DVA, Beton workshop, Eperfa, Hard Body Hang, Hannabi, Kezemura, Kis Balatonhatározó, Miklós Kiss, Logifaces, Zoltán Lublóy, MONGE design, Anna Nemesi, NUBU, Pelso, Pos1t1on, Rollark, Rubidium, Szövevtség39, The FOUR.

bands: Tesco Disco, Dávid Klág (Index) and Anita Libor (Index) – Index cultural section warm up DDJ set, Popméter, Decentralizált Pálmafák

literature: members of the MOME Institute of Literature; the authors of the Gömbhalmaz art group; Csodaceruza Magazine; Peter Balko, writer (SK) sponsored by the Slovakian Institute of Budapest; Imola Julianna Szabó, ‘letter and pixel craftswoman’; Zsófi Kemény, writer-slammer, Eszteranna Nagy (PoetVlog)

The most important new features of ARTplacc 2015

an art programme focusing on emerging artists (part of which is a new “one-man show” in the former gallery tent, where works of artists under 35 are presented)

a design showroom

a workshop for the development of a long-term cooperation and the foundation of a mutual programme with ARTplacc, held by representatives of institutions

the latest voices of Hungarian underground music

outdoor installations

This festival is part of the Nagyon Balaton programme series.

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